Monday, January 7, 2008

Tri Bob

Favorite Distance: Ironman
Favorite Discipline:
Other interests: sub 4 marathoner, martial art's instructor
Quick Bio


My name is Mike, I live in Rhode Island
Favorite Distance: SPRINT (I just like to go fast)
Favorite Discipline: The Bike
Other interests: Bodybuilding, woodworking, knifemaking

Quick Bio: I came to triathlon after 15 years of being a smoker, I quit cold turkey my first shot and needed something to do with my energy. So I started to run, after awhile I dusted off the old Mtn bike and later that year completed my first sprint triathlon. I took 2 years off as I had a new family, new house and new job. I did solely road cycling for those two years, something that has paid off greatly for me. 2007 was my best year ever in triathlon, and I have new things instore for 2008, my first marathon, and my first HIM.